It’s inspiring when an artist creates something positive out of a painful experience. “Fight For Me” turns heartbreak into an anthem of empowerment and self-assurance. Put this on and you’ll feel like you can climb a mountain! Utterly relatable. Sounds big!”

— Miles the DJ - Go 96.3

Jeanne Taylor is a rare, complete, pop package. She writes her own stuff, possesses out of this world vocals and is endearing as they come. ”

— Paul Fletcher - Cities 97

"jeanne" - EP Available NOW!

Jeanne Taylor

     Jeanne Taylor, (pronounced Jean) comes from Minneapolis Music Royalty. She is named after her grandmother, legendary jazz artist Jeanne Arland Peterson. Prince discovered her father, St Paul Peterson, and her aunts and uncles have played or recorded with everyone from John Mayer to the Steve Miller Band. She really didn’t have a choice but to follow in their footsteps. 

     Jeanne Taylor started performing with her family at the tender age of 2. By 9 years old, she was recording with a band she formed with her sister Kelly called The Peterson Girls. That project garnered much interest from Disney, but would have required a move to California that the family wasn’t quite ready for. 

     Jeanne discovered she had a talent for writing when she was 12. Hundreds of songs later, she has spent the last two years writing and recording in L.A. with people like Khris Riddick-Tynes (Ariana Grande) and Oliver Leiber (Paula Abdul, Beth Hart), resulting in her debut EP, self titled “Jeanne.” 

     The EP is on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and CD Baby.  

Quotes -

“Jeanne is the newest addition to Minnesota’s first family of music and her pure pop sensibilities will push their legacy right to the top of today’s scene” 

Kevin Bowe - (producer)

“Jeanne’s natural intonation for pop melodies is incredible, it makes the songwriting process and my job as a producer that much more fun!” Khris 

Riddick-Tynes (producer for Ariana Grande and Megan Trainor) 

“She really sounds great!”
John Fields (producer -Pink, Selena Gomez) 

“I.cannot.stop.listening. Jeanne Taylor crushes it with a sultry, sexy, captivating vibe. The songs, production, and voice are on point. You HAVE to listen to the entire record, and trust me, you’ll want more.”
Kat Perkins (Solo Artist)

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Jeanne Taylor's Powerful Throwback Movement

The Twin Cities is not lacking in music, nor is it lacking in bands that find success across a number of genres, yet, there’s a noticeable gap when it comes to good old Top 40 pop music. This is where Jeanne Taylor comes in. With a voice that rivals any of the Selenas and Demis dominating the charts, Jeanne has put out a debut EP that begs to be noticed. 

Coming from a musical family (her father was discovered by Prince), she was destined to make a splash with her own talents. Singing and songwriting came to her early on as she recorded demos at age 12. Native to St Paul, once her father heard her songs, he reached out to his industry contacts. Since then she’s recorded with country star Bryan White and splits her time between Minneapolis and LA, where she recorded her debut. On board to help her hone her sound were producers Oliver Leiber and Khris Riddick Tynes who have worked with the likes of Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande, and it shows. 

Jeanne opens with “Fight For Me” a sentiment that nearly every woman has felt at some point in her life. The desire to find a partner who will protect and defend on a whim, in the face or real or perceived threat is common want in any relationship. Many of Taylor’s songs follow this thread, navigating relationships, trying to fight through the uncertainty of reciprocal feelings and ultimately the struggle of living in a body with a heart that wants what it wants. 

Taylor’s voice is stellar, strong and smooth. The production adds a layer of brassiness that works for the songs but you can tell isn’t necessary to camouflage her natural sound. It makes you wish they pulled the effect back more to let her rawness shine through, something we can perhaps look forward to in the future.  

“Damn In Love” is the one of two slow jams on the album, a nod perhaps to Bey’s “Dangerously In Love”, similar in theme and style. The album closes on the second, “End of an Era” a piano ballad that finally gives the listener a taste of what Jeanne’s voice sounds like sans autotune. 

“L.A Night” is a dancey disco groove with Ke$ha flavor. It describes an evening out in LA through the eyes of a midwestern girl still getting used to the city lights. The production is heavy and glossy, with all the makings of a Top 40 hit. 

Jeanne is a collection of pop-R&B jams that utilize classic pop elements reminiscent of early 2000’s era pop (Oops - Britney, pre-Xtina, akin to Tina Arena or Jennifer Paige). They recall a moment when Top 40 was absent of horns everywhere and silly add-on star power rap verses. These songs are immediately relatable, easy to digest. They’re the thoughts and feelings of every 20-something young woman grappling with the confusion of navigating premature relationships that resemble something that feels like love, or what you think you know of it at that age. As much as I love our hip hop scene, our bluegrass scene, our throwback scene, our folk scene, I would love to see a pop scene emerge in this town. Let Jeanne Taylor be the guide. Let her be the leader of that movement.  


Sarah Osterbauer is the SouthernMinn Scene music columnist and critic. She loves to meet the people who make the city’s heart beat (and sometimes break). Follow her on twitter @SarahOwrites.

REVIEW  - ARK OF MUSIC - Dec 21, 2016

Jeanne Taylor comes from a long lineage of music-makers. Father, Paul Peterson, is an original member of Prince’s, The Family (he currently tours with Peter Frampton).  Her aunts and uncles have played or recorded with legends such as the Steve Miller Band and John Mayer. And, if that weren’t enough, Jeanne herself was named after her grandmother, legendary jazz artist, Jeanne Arland Peterson. 

What this has translated into, is a young lady who’s been performing since the age of 2, and recording her own demos on GarageBand by age 12. Now, despite juggling college and music, she’s found the time to record her first official EP, Jeanne, with the likes of multi-platinum producer Oliver Leiber (Paula Abdul), and multi-platinum producer Khris Riddick-Tynes (Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Meghan Trainor). 

Admittedly, we at The Ark of Music are music snobs…particularly when it comes to pop. In our defense, this is because there’s so much overly-produced, all-hook, no-substance music in this genre—more than any other. That said, this is not the case with Jeanne. Truly, it is not. 

Here’s what we dug most… 

Easy:  An immediately accessible, electro-influenced, synth-heavy break-up anthem. 

Our Favorite Track: 
Damn In Love:  A delicious web-spinning track which lulls you in with a few somber piano chords, and then drops a beat that pins you down and makes you ignore whatever task you may be working on…cuz you gotta just listen. 

Fight For Me:  Like the next stage of grief, this track picks up where Easy left off. From shock and devastation—to anger and vindication. The track is infectious, but more importantly, it bumps… 

“You didn’t fight for me 
Oh how I fought for you 
Until we split in two 
That’s what your s’posed to do 
But it takes two” 

Adderall:  The album’s pure club-jumper. The “focus like Adderall” reference is clever, and just might be clever enough to break. 

Across every one of Jeanne’s masterfully-produced seven tracks, Taylor delivers what truly sounds to be an effortless vocal performance. Her tone is flawless—and most importantly—quite enjoyable to take in for the entirety of the album. What’s more, unlike a great many pop acts today, Taylor’s lyrical content is respectable and real, accessible and honest, and refreshingly absent of the dumbed-down, overly-simplified, one-dimensional, semi-trashy pop so frequently filling our radio airwaves. Quite frankly, I’m relieved to discover that pop like this is still being made. 

Whose lovechild…? 
It’s just not complicated:  If you love Rihanna’s voice, you’ll love Jeanne Taylor’s. It’s really that simple. 

BELOW, you can listen to Jeanne Taylor’s album, Jeanne, connect with her website and social mediaplatforms, watch her music video, check out her live show/tour schedule, and find her booking & contact information. Please support Jeanne Taylor by visiting her online, and playing, downloading, and/or purchasing her music. And, as always, thank you for supporting real music!

Jeanne Taylor -- “LA Night” (PREMIERE) 

"Los Angeles is a long way from the Twin Cities. For anyone who’s ever watched Vanderpump Rules, this much is obvious. 

But for St. Paul up-and-comer Jeanne Taylor, this was learned firsthand, an education that the pop singer chronicles in her new video for “LA Night.” Though the song deals with some bewilderment over the raucous California nightlife, Taylor has made L.A. her second home, and the madness of clubs, convertibles, and celebs is surely normal by now. 

Taylor, whose father is Paul Peterson of the Prince-cosigned Family, was born into the limelight, and the slick single finds her finally rising to the level of pop stardom she was destined to achieve. On November 12, Jeanne Taylor will celebrate the release of her debut EP Jeanne at Bunkers in Minneapolis."

City Pages - 
Jerard Fagerberg

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Minnesota music heir Jeanne Taylor becomes L.A. hopeful in pursuit of Top 40 career 

NOVEMBER 10, 2016 — 12:58PM

It’s probably not big news there’s another member of Minneapolis’ prominent musical family the Petersons launching a music career. Also, it’s going to snow this winter. 

What’s interesting about Jeanne Taylor is that she’s launching her music career in a way that none of the other Petersons have really done before, working strictly and unabashedly in the slick pop music world with a Top 40-credentialed Los Angeles producer and ambitions to land her own radio hit. Not only is that unique within the Peterson clan, it’s a rarity in the Twin Cities on the whole. 

“There really isn’t a pop music scene here, which I hope to change,” said Taylor, who celebrates the release of her debut EP, “Jeanne,” with a performance Saturday at Bunker’s in Minneapolis (9 p.m., $7). 

The youngest daughter of “St.” Paul Peterson — ex-keyboardist for the Time, co-leader of the Family and lately Peter Frampton’s bassist — Taylor swapped her first and middle names for her stage name, because, she said, “Taylor Jeanne sounded too country.” Also, it honors her late grandmother, beloved jazz pianist Jeanne Arland Peterson. 

Now 21, Taylor and her older sister, Kelly, flirted with a Disney recording career at ages 10 and 13, but their parents balked at moving to Los Angeles. “They didn’t want to discourage us from singing, but they wanted us to have a more normal childhood,” she explained. 

Come adulthood, Taylor has embraced L.A. She has spent the past two summers there writing and recording and plans to move there after she graduates from the University of Minnesota next semester. Her primary accomplice has been Khris Riddick-Tynes, who helped write and record Ariana Grande’s debut album. She also worked with her dad’s pal, Family/fDeluxe guitarist Oliver Leiber. St. Paul himself helped, too. 

There’s a Peterson-brand funkiness in the velvet-rope-themed single “L.A. Night,” the most up-tempo of the EP’s seven tracks, which also range from the Rhianna-flavored “Fight for Me” to the breakup ballad “End of an Era.” Taylor called the EP her calling card. 

“I truly love singing, so whether I can make a career of it or not I’m not going to regret trying,” she said, with a levelheadedness that suggests her normal Minnesota childhood paid off.



Interview: Jeanne Taylor will release her debut EP at
Bunkers on 11/12​


Jeanne Taylor (pronounced Jean) grew up surrounded by music. She is named after her grandmother who was a Minnesota Music Legend. Prince discovered her father, and her Aunts and Uncles have played or recorded with everyone from John Mayer to the Steve Miller Band. She really didn’t have a choice but to follow in their footsteps. 

Taylor will release her debut EP “Jeanne,” tomorrow 11/12 at Bunkers. Details are HERE 

Jeanne Taylor started performing with her family at the tender age of 2, and started her recording when she was 9 with a band she formed with her sister Kelly called The Peterson Girls. That project garnered much interest from Disney, but would have required a move to California that the family wasn’t quite ready for 

How did you get involved with music? 
“I was blessed to grow up in the family that I did. My grandma on my father’s side who is the most incredible jazz pianist& singer of her time. She crafted her sons and daughters into all being traveling musicians. So I grew up watching them and being inspired by them. As being the 3rd generation I wanted to continue that legacy. I’ve been singing since I was 2.” 

What made you go out to L.A.? 
“I wanted this to be a real thing and I wanted to at least try and see what could happen and what things would sound like. We ended up doing incredibly well and I am super proud of the songs that came from it.” 

What instruments are you playing on this project or who is producing it? 
“In general I play the guitar and the piano. Other than that my producer Khris Riddick-Tymes Oliver Lieber and my dad were super helpful in the production of it too. They all worked together and created this awesome sound for me. Mostly I worked with Khris who was kind of my main producer on this project cause he really made my whole sound come together. He is incredible because he works with all my idols- Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor, and the OVO sound.” 

You wrote most of this project after a breakup, but when you don’t have relationship problems how do you go about writing songs? 
“It really has to be something that’s an experience for me. But it usually starts super vulnerably on the piano or the guitar. I usually come up with the melody on the piano or the guitar first. I’ll just strum it or play it for a few days. A lot of the times too, i’ll see words or someone will say a word, or a phrase that I find great and i’ll keep a log of those in my phone. I’ll go back through all those and relate it to something i’m feeling at that time. Then i’ll start crafting my verses around that.” 

Who would you love to collaborate with? 
“Alessia Cara, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, but that’d be crazy. Realistically speaking, In L.A. there is an artist called Corey Harper, he and I became great friends. He has more of a John Mayor-ish sound, but it’d be great to do something with him too.”


Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jeanne Taylor gears up
to release first EP


University of Minnesota senior and family social science major Taylor Peterson, known by her stage name Jeanne Taylor, comes from a long line of Minnesota music royalty. 

Fresh off the debut of her music video “LA NIGHT,” Taylor sat down with A&E to talk legacy, the West Coast and “keeping people excited.” 

Taylor’s EP, “Jeanne,” will be released on Nov. 12 with a release show at Bunker’s Music Bar and Grille. 

I know you come from a family of musicians. What projects were they involved in? 

My grandma, Jeanne, who I took my stage name after, was a jazz pianist. Everyone in my family was musical. My dad is the baby of the family — he was and is a touring musician. When he was younger, he met Prince and played keyboard in his band and in Morris Day and the Time. After they broke up, Prince started another band with my dad as the band leader called The Family. This last summer he toured and played with Peter Frampton. You know how some families are “sports families”? We’re like that … but with music.  

Tell me about your musical milestones. 

I started singing when I was around three. I did my first recording when I was four with my grandma’s jazz band. At around eight or nine years old, I started writing poems and lyrics in sketchbooks — the way each line rhymed at the end was always really interesting to me. I can’t remember many of the old things I wrote, but I remember one of the first songs was called, “I Hate the Laundry Room.” When I turned 12, I started recording full songs on my MacBook — that’s when it started to really develop.  

How do you write your songs? What’s your process? 

It usually starts out with a very stripped-down vibe. Very emotional. Vulnerable. I love the word vulnerable because it sort of wraps up all of what I’m trying to do as an artist. 

For a while I would write songs on the piano when no one was home. My family is so impressive I was scared to show anyone. Eventually I showed my dad and he said, “Wow, these are really good.” 

Songs are also a way for me to process how I’m feeling. In college, my four-year relationship ended, and the only way that I got through it was by channeling those emotions into songs. Honestly … I just like writing songs so that I can share with other people. I want to have people relate.  

Your new music video for “LA NIGHT” was filmed in Los Angeles. What was that trip like? Why Los Angeles?  

I’ve gone to LA the last two summers. The first summer, I just met with some writers and musicians and tried to expand my circle — it was more about perfecting the craft and seeing who I want to be as an artist. 

When I was there, I met [producer] Khris Reddick-Tynes, and wrote with him. 

This last summer I recorded six songs for the EP. I was just looking for some weird and quirky people to work with. 

For the video, I got in contact with a video producer. We met for lunch and immediately started to build a storyboard. The shoot took two days, and it was basically just me and my best friends going around LA.  

What advice would you have for someone who wants to be a singer-songwriter or a musician?  

Honestly, I would say just be yourself. There will be people who don’t like you no matter what — use that stuff as motivation to make yourself better. Don’t try to conform to what other people expect of you. Be unique. Try not to be scared to do new things. Really try to make videos because visuals help a ton with getting your stuff out there. Just try. Hard.  

What are your plans and goals for the future?  

Well, the EP release show is soon. Obviously, the video just came out. I’m probably gonna release videos every month or so to keep people excited. I’m [going to] end up moving to LA after my senior year. I just hope this EP introduces me to new people and new ears.  

I’m mostly just hoping I can start a fan base for myself. I don’t [want to] be labeled as the next Taylor Swift or anything like that. I have a very pop [and] R&B factor to my music, and I hope people will take it seriously. I just want to be in a relationship with a good team and work on my craft.

Joe Cristo


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