It’s inspiring when an artist creates something positive out of a painful experience. “Fight For Me” turns heartbreak into an anthem of empowerment and self-assurance. Put this on and you’ll feel like you can climb a mountain! Utterly relatable. Sounds big!”

— Miles the DJ - Go 96.3

Jeanne Taylor is a rare, complete, pop package. She writes her own stuff, possesses out of this world vocals and is endearing as they come. ”

— Paul Fletcher - Cities 97

"jeanne" - EP Available NOW!

Jeanne Taylor

     Jeanne Taylor, (pronounced Jean) comes from Minneapolis Music Royalty. She is named after her grandmother, legendary jazz artist Jeanne Arland Peterson. Prince discovered her father, St Paul Peterson, and her aunts and uncles have played or recorded with everyone from John Mayer to the Steve Miller Band. She really didn’t have a choice but to follow in their footsteps. 

     Jeanne Taylor started performing with her family at the tender age of 2. By 9 years old, she was recording with a band she formed with her sister Kelly called The Peterson Girls. That project garnered much interest from Disney, but would have required a move to California that the family wasn’t quite ready for. 

     Jeanne discovered she had a talent for writing when she was 12. Hundreds of songs later, she has spent the last two years writing and recording in L.A. with people like Khris Riddick-Tynes (Ariana Grande) and Oliver Leiber (Paula Abdul, Beth Hart), resulting in her debut EP, self titled “Jeanne.” 

     The EP is on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and CD Baby.  

Quotes -

“Jeanne is the newest addition to Minnesota’s first family of music and her pure pop sensibilities will push their legacy right to the top of today’s scene” 

Kevin Bowe - (producer)

“Jeanne’s natural intonation for pop melodies is incredible, it makes the songwriting process and my job as a producer that much more fun!” Khris 

Riddick-Tynes (producer for Ariana Grande and Megan Trainor) 

“She really sounds great!”
John Fields (producer -Pink, Selena Gomez) 

“I.cannot.stop.listening. Jeanne Taylor crushes it with a sultry, sexy, captivating vibe. The songs, production, and voice are on point. You HAVE to listen to the entire record, and trust me, you’ll want more.”
Kat Perkins (Solo Artist)

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Jeanne Taylor's Powerful Throwback Movement

The Twin Cities is not lacking in music, nor is it lacking in bands that find success across a number of genres, yet, there’s a noticeable gap when it comes to good old Top 40 pop music. This is where Jeanne Taylor comes in. With a voice that rivals any of the Selenas and Demis dominating the charts, Jeanne has put out a debut EP that begs to be noticed. 

Coming from a musical family (her father was discovered by Prince), she was destined to make a splash with her own talents. Singing and songwriting came to her early on as she recorded demos at age 12. Native to St Paul, once her father heard her songs, he reached out to his industry contacts. Since then she’s recorded with country star Bryan White and splits her time between Minneapolis and LA, where she recorded her debut. On board to help her hone her sound were producers Oliver Leiber and Khris Riddick Tynes who have worked with the likes of Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande, and it shows. 

Jeanne opens with “Fight For Me” a sentiment that nearly every woman has felt at some point in her life. The desire to find a partner who will protect and defend on a whim, in the face or real or perceived threat is common want in any relationship. Many of Taylor’s songs follow this thread, navigating relationships, trying to fight through the uncertainty of reciprocal feelings and ultimately the struggle of living in a body with a heart that wants what it wants. 

Taylor’s voice is stellar, strong and smooth. The production adds a layer of brassiness that works for the songs but you can tell isn’t necessary to camouflage her natural sound. It makes you wish they pulled the effect back more to let her rawness shine through, something we can perhaps look forward to in the future.  

“Damn In Love” is the one of two slow jams on the album, a nod perhaps to Bey’s “Dangerously In Love”, similar in theme and style. The album closes on the second, “End of an Era” a piano ballad that finally gives the listener a taste of what Jeanne’s voice sounds like sans autotune. 

“L.A Night” is a dancey disco groove with Ke$ha flavor. It describes an evening out in LA through the eyes of a midwestern girl still getting used to the city lights. The production is heavy and glossy, with all the makings of a Top 40 hit. 

Jeanne is a collection of pop-R&B jams that utilize classic pop elements reminiscent of early 2000’s era pop (Oops - Britney, pre-Xtina, akin to Tina Arena or Jennifer Paige). They recall a moment when Top 40 was absent of horns everywhere and silly add-on star power rap verses. These songs are immediately relatable, easy to digest. They’re the thoughts and feelings of every 20-something young woman grappling with the confusion of navigating premature relationships that resemble something that feels like love, or what you think you know of it at that age. As much as I love our hip hop scene, our bluegrass scene, our throwback scene, our folk scene, I would love to see a pop scene emerge in this town. Let Jeanne Taylor be the guide. Let her be the leader of that movement.  


Sarah Osterbauer is the SouthernMinn Scene music columnist and critic. She loves to meet the people who make the city’s heart beat (and sometimes break). Follow her on twitter @SarahOwrites.


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